Prime Place rebrands as The Arrow in an attempt to escape criticism

Management of the former Prime Place have not communicated the changes, or construction updates, to residents.

Prime Place Apartments, recently re-branded as The Arrow Apartments, seen under construction on Sunday, Nov. 12. 

Alex Tuthill-Preus, Daily File Photo

Prime Place Apartments, recently re-branded as The Arrow Apartments, seen under construction on Sunday, Nov. 12. 

Kassidy Tarala

Prime Place Apartments rebranded in an attempt to escape criticism following a year filled with construction delays, fire code violations and resident complaints.

Last week, Prime Place tenants noticed new signage and flyers labeled The Arrow decorating the building. Residents say they were not informed of the rebranding.

“I just went outside and they took the Prime Place sign down and posted, ‘Now leasing at The Arrow,’ so apparently they changed the name, but didn’t tell anyone who lives here,” said resident and University of Minnesota junior Michelle Rolsch.

Rolsch has experienced a lack of communication with management of The Arrow since she moved into her single apartment at the end of September. 

“I had my car broken into, two packages stolen and I just don’t feel safe at all, but management hasn’t done anything,” she said.

After construction delayed the move-in process for several residents, those who did get to move in received mixed signals on the building’s construction timeline. 

Rolsch said a manager told her that construction on the rest of the building could take up to a year to finish. Others have heard estimations between a month and a year. 

The recent name change has caused yet another shock for residents already kept in the dark about the building’s status.

Some students first noticed the change after management of the former Prime Place changed their email address. Initial emails came from [email protected], which later changed to [email protected]

Aside from emails and yard signs, residents learned about the name change through the new Facebook page and website for The Arrow.

The Arrow has posted advertisements to its new Facebook page, offering Starbucks gift cards to anyone who tours their model apartment.

But residents who attempted to post reviews about their experiences on the new Facebook page say they were blocked by its admin.   

In response to the rebranding, residents have created their own website to deter future residents from leasing there.

University Student Legal Services has also been kept in the dark about Prime Place’s new name.

USLS attorney Bill Dane said The Arrow has yet to respond to them. After searching through city records, Dane confirmed that the former Prime Place is not under a new license — meaning the rebranding is just a name change, not new ownership.

“It’s most likely that they just changed the name to avoid the negative publicity they’ve been receiving as Prime Place,” Dane said.  

The Arrow declined multiple requests for comment.