Fan yells slur at Indiana players

The man was intoxicated and behaving erratically.

Kyle Sando

An intoxicated man was arrested for disorderly conduct Saturday evening at Williams Arena. Cedric Davon Galbreath, 31, was intoxicated in the lobby of Williams Arena when University of Minnesota Police Department officers approached him, according to University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner. The officers were responding to a complaint of a drunken Gophers fan, according to a UMPD report. Miner said the staff at Williams Arena said Galbreath, who is black, was yelling a racial epithet sometimes used toward black people at the players of the Indiana basketball team and was behaving erratically inside the arena before police arrived. Galbreath was uncooperative with the officers and was escorted out of the building. Galbreath pulled away from the officers a few times, Miner said. He was then arrested for disorderly conduct and for having a small, opened bottle of whiskey in his jacket pocket. Two felony arrests made after suspects found passed out in vehicle Two people were arrested for felony crimes Saturday morning near 414 Cedar Ave. S. UMPD officers responded to a call of two subjects who were slumped over in a vehicle, according to a UMPD report. Jason Frederic Maurstad, 33, and Rachel Lynn Campbell, 31, were found unconscious in the vehicle by officers, the report said. The officers approached the vehicle and found Campbell in the driverâÄôs seat unconscious and having trouble breathing, the report said. She was rushed to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment, according to the report. Maurstad was awoken by the officers but was unable to coherently communicate with them. Police could not tell which narcotic Maurstad was on, but they knew he was under the influence. Police searched Maurstad and found multiple glass smoking pipes in his jacket and a glass smoking bowl around his neck, the report said. After searching the vehicle, the officers found a mirror with white residue and a black index card case on the seat next to Maurstad. The report said in the black case they found a razor blade, a small plastic bag, a metal measuring device with singe marks on the bottom and white residue, grey cotton wads, four used syringes, a cotton swab, a razor tool and a blue cutting card. Maurstad was arrested for a felony narcotics violation and Campbell was arrested for first degree DWI, the report said.