U student victim of hit and run

The driver gave the victim $100 and fled.

Branden Largent

An unknown driver hit a University of Minnesota student and fled the scene.

Arianna Verette suffered minor injuries after rolling over the hood of a car which hit her as she was crossing the intersection of University Avenue and Washington Avenue Wednesday morning.

Verette said the car drove away at first, but came back. The driver got out of his car and apologized to Verette, giving her $100 before leaving again.

“I was kind of freaking out, because I’ve never gotten hit by a car before,” she said.  

Veretter refused an ambulance at first, but decided to go to the East Bank Fairview hospital where they confirmed she didn’t have a concussion. She did suffer a severe knee sprain.

“Im still kind of pissed about it,” said Verette, who is considering contacting a lawyer if the suspect is ever found.

Verette couldn’t describe the driver or the car, except that it was a dark, four-door sedan.

Minneapolis police confiscated the $100 as evidence.

The traffic unit will reevaluate the case. But since Verette didn’t get a suspect description or license plate number the police are awaiting information or leads before they can continue the investigation, Minneapolis police Sgt. Steve McCarty said.