Vote for Abou Amara

IâÄôm writing to encourage my fellow graduate and professional students to join me in supporting Abou Amara for Graduate and Student Professional Assembly president. As his colleague, I have worked closely with Amara this past year and know that he is up to the task of fairly advocating for and representing all graduate and professional students to the University of Minnesota, the Legislature and our community.

A few reasons why I support Amara: As president of GAPSA, heâÄôs shown great leadership while working toward a strong consensus on policy within the assembly and the executive board.

Amara knows that compromise is a crucial way to get things done to represent all graduate and professional students at the University. He knows that the best way to represent his fellow students is with respect and courtesy, not adversarial sparring.

Instead of confronting the administration at every turn, he has shown a willingness to identify common ground while still advocating for graduate and professional student interests.

Examples of this include working with the University to advocate against the draconian cuts proposed by the Legislature, lobbying in Washington, D.C., for maintaining research funding and insisting on strong language about shared governance.

Amara understands the importance of positive communication about GAPSAâÄôs mission and accomplishments. HeâÄôs shown that communicating with the councils is a priority and will remain a priority moving forward.

Finally, Amara is the candidate with a vision for progress. He knows that improving GAPSAâÄôs internal workings is only as meaningful as the vision that we work toward together. I hope all my professional and graduate student colleagues will join me in supporting Amara for GAPSA president.