NEW: Campus Tweets, Forums, Associated Content

Son Huynh

Two updates in a row?!? Yes, that’s right, we have pushed out updates the second week in a row. New in this update are Campus Tweets, forums, and associated content.

If you haven’t already noticed our new Community tab, you should check it out. We are now starting to aggregate all the ways that you can keep in touch with the Daily and the community. With Campus Tweets, your tweets now get spotlighted on our website making you an unofficial reporter for the Daily. If you see anything happening that you think should get covered, just tweet with #umn and it’ll get placed on our site.

We now also provide a forum for discussion on a number of topics, just in case comments weren’t good enough for you. They’re looking a little empty right now so why don’t you head on over and start a few topics?

Last thing, all the articles are now embedded with our new sidebar that hosts associated content. With this new ability, editors on our end can now pick additional photos and videos that can be attached to a story (as opposed to hand-coding it in HTML before). We hope this’ll make it easier to feature more content with a story.

PS: We’re going to work on the whole navigation tab rollover thing, I realize with the Community tab more than others that it’s really annoying to have to go from Community to Forum. It’s kinda like that game though where you have to navigate down a metal spiral frame without touching it.

Stay in tune for more updates!