Disagreements result in Daily resignations

Chad Thomas

The Minnesota Daily’s business manager resigned Wednesday, citing disagreements with the paper’s board of directors.
Amy Rynerson Markus said she had “differences in opinion … in how the Daily should be operated” tht prevented her from executing her duties.
Earlier this month an employee whom Rynerson Markus had fired filed a grievance with the board in order to get back his job. On Wednesday a committee of the board voted to reinstate the employee.
Rynerson Markus, declining to specifically discuss the personnel situation, said the decision made by the board’s grievance committee had undermined her ability to act with authority in her position.
The business manager oversees the Daily’s finances and operations and shares responsibility with the editor in chief for running the newspaper.
John Verhaagh, the credit manager, also resigned Wednesday. In an e-mail to Daily employees, Verhaagh said he was proud to have been associated with the Daily, but that recent decisions by the board made it impossible for him to continue working at the newspaper.
Although the committee’s decision must still be approved by the full board, Rynerson Markus said the board normally approves grievance committee recommendations.
Benji Bearman, chairman of the grievance committee, said he was surprised by the decision. “(Rynerson Markus) was an excellent manager,” he said.
Although Rynerson Markus has submitted her resignation, Bearman said, the board must still accept it. He added that he intends to sit down and discuss with Rynerson Markus the possibility of her staying.
In an e-mail to employees Rynerson Markus wrote, “I do leave here with a clear conscience. Everything that I did here was for the good of the Daily.”
Editor in Chief Michele Ames said, “This is obviously a very difficult day for the entire staff. However, we have been through difficult things before. We will pull together and continue to serve our community.”