Keep happy hour alive

What is the deal with all these organizations thinking that they can stop binge drinking forever? It is literally stupid to think that shutting down happy hours will curb this trend. LetâÄôs be honest, if youâÄôre 21 is it not your right to go and have a few drinks at the bar? Heaven forbid you save some money with happy hour prices. The truth is that most binge drinking that occurs happens with kids under the age of 21. The more these people try to stop binge drinking, the more the drinking scene is pushed underground. Kids will always find a way to drink. Problems occur because these kids go to extremes to hide the drinking and do not know how to properly handle problems that occur with it. DonâÄôt punish people that are of age and that are responsible enough to make the right choices. It is almost as if people want to go back to the days of prohibition. Instead of trying to take away the rights of people of legal age, spend your money elsewhere on alcohol education, and teach younger generations the effects and consequences of binge drinking. People are going to drink regardless. Ben Mattson University student