Campus area stays quiet after hockey loss

Police prepared for riotous behavior around campus after the semifinal game.

Greg Corradini

The streets remained calm in Dinkytown on Thursday after the Gophers men’s hockey team lost in the NCAA semifinals game, ending their chances of a third national championship in four years.

In preparation for unruly fan behavior after the game, Minneapolis police still made their presence known by standing on street corners and patrolling in squad cars.

Four Minneapolis police officers from the 5th Precinct, who said that they had been relieved of duty at approximately 10 p.m., walked back to their squad cars after stopping for dessert at Annie’s Parlor in Dinkytown.

Officer Mike Heyer said 30 police officers from all different Minneapolis precincts were around campus in case any destruction or violent acts occurred.

Heyer said St. Paul police and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office were also on call.

The officers said there were no reported incidents of damage but that a lot of people in Dinkytown were curious about the police presence.

Blarney Pub and Grill owner Mike Mulrooney said he saw the police arrive after the game.

“I am really in support of them doing what they are doing,” Mulrooney said. “It’s great to see them here.”