Typhoon kills 4 in Taiwan, China orders thousands to higher ground

D TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) – A typhoon lashed Taiwan Saturday with intense winds and rains, killing four people and cutting power to thousands of homes. But the storm weakened as it moved Sunday toward mainland China, where authorities ordered more than 1 million people to safer ground.

Two people were still missing in Taiwan, the Disaster Relief Center said.

On Sunday morning, the typhoon was centered at sea about 80 miles northwest of Keelung on the northern tip of Taiwan. It weakened to a tropical storm with sustained winds of 66 mph, down from 114 mph, the Central Weather Bureau said.

Two men were killed in a Taipei suburb Saturday when their house was buried by a landslide, the Disaster Relief Center said. Another man died after falling from his balcony during the storm in northern Hsinchu, and a woman was electrocuted after falling from her motorcycle in Tainan.

Two men were missing, including one who was buried in debris after a hostel was hit by a landslide in Hsinchu.

At its peak, Krosa caused a massive power cut blacking out some 2 million homes in Taiwan. But electricity has since been restored