Fund Planned Parenthood

An amendment would eliminate all federal money for family planning.

Daily Editorial Board

Planned ParenthoodâÄôs entire allotment of federal funds could be in jeopardy âÄî as could be all federal family planning funds âÄî because of an amendment to a spending bill approved by the House of Representatives that would completely eliminate federal funds allotted for family planning under the law Title X.
This proposal is more than misguided: It is offensive. There is no reason to completely defund organizations that provide crucial services such as contraception, sexually transmitted disease tests and cancer screenings to low-income women. As made clear by the singling-out and targeting of Planned Parenthood, this proposal is driven purely by ideology and politics.
Supporters that say they only want to prevent federal funding of abortions are being disingenuous. Planned Parenthood and other family planning services do not use federal funds for abortions; that is prohibited by law.
Furthermore, the argument that Planned Parenthood âÄúin effectâÄù allows for federal funding of abortions because federal funds for other services free up private funding that can go toward abortions is specious.
The federal government provides funding for faith-based initiatives to combat poverty and hunger, these do not amount to state endorsement of religion; for the same reason, federal funding of Planned Parenthood does not amount to state endorsement of abortion.
This proposal would lead to more abortions by reducing access to contraception. It would also make certain routine health care procedures harder to access, especially for low-income women. Eliminating federal family planning funds is an unsound idea underpinned by a false argument and blind ideology.