U graduate appointed environmental director

Andy Skemp

One of the top environmental-monitoring positions in Minnesota is changing hands, and the new appointee boasts a long record of in-state experience.
On Oct. 11, Sherry Enzler will become director of the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance, a state agency that assists local government organizations and businesses in reducing pollution output.
Enzler, who grew up in Grand Rapids, Minn., earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from the University. She said environmental issues have always interested her.
“When I was growing up in Grand Rapids, I knew a lot of people in the forestry business,” Enzler said. “The environment has been a lifelong interest for me.”
Karen Studders, commissioner of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, appointed Enzler to the position.
As MOEA director, Enzler will report directly to Studders, who in turn reports to Gov. Jesse Ventura.
Studders said that Enzler’s wide range of experience is one of her strong points.
“The biggest thing she brings is an outside view of the environmental arena,” Studders said.
After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Enzler received a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Southern California and a law degree from William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul.
Enzler was appointed assistant attorney general in 1985.
She worked with the Department of Transportation on water quality, waste, wetland and air quality management. Enzler later changed assignments within the state attorney general’s office and worked on construction litigation cases for state agencies.
For the past two years, Enzler has practiced environmental law with the Minneapolis firm Doherty Rumble & Butler.
Art Dunn, current MOEA director, said the agency focuses most of its efforts on minimizing landfill by encouraging the use of waste-energy facilities, composts and recycling centers.
Enzler said that she hopes to continue efforts with these projects and expand the agency’s focus to include solid waste, air and water pollution management.

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