MSA sends state workers’ strike resolution back to committee

A Minnesota Student Association resolution supporting the state workers’ strikes was sent back to committee Tuesday night.

The resolution included language asking the University to settle fairly with all staff unions and said officers and members of the association “will participate in or support” the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 6 and the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees currently on strike.

It failed by one vote, 16-15 with five abstentions, and will go back to the campus relations committee.

Reps. Dan Nelson and Jeff Nath debated against the resolution.

Nelson said the resolution was one-sided and he needed more information.

Nath questioned the strikers’ timing and was concerned about the National Guard members called up to fill the empty positions.

“(Opponents of the resolution) don’t like unions,” said Jonathan Grebner, one of the resolution’s authors. “They don’t like people making living wages.”

Before the vote, the resolution had been amended by Rep. Khaled Dajani to support University staff as long as student tuition was not affected.

Reps. Grebner and Andy Pomroy, who co-authored the resolution and sent it through the committees, did not support the amendment but were voted down.

“Hopefully in two weeks we can come back with something better,” Pomroy said.

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