Subsidizing green cars

The time for car companies to produce fuel efficient cars has come.

Last week, General Motors announced that on June 1 it will begin to make the Chevy Volt. The Volt, which is expected by many to be a revolutionary green car, will be the first of its kind to be moderately priced for consumers. Meanwhile, a more luxurious pure green engine car, the Tesla Model S, was recently announced to have a base price of $57,000 âÄî but with green energy tax credits, the price will be lowered to $49,000 . Consumers and voters should welcome subsidies for energy-efficient vehicles. The barriers to funding such subsidies to efficient cars are well known. Oil lobbyists aim to halt progress on this issue due to their interest, gasoline, being greatly reduced with a rise in fuel-efficient cars. Moreover, concerns are that such subsidies will be unfair to manufactures that do not have a clean car in their lineup. The time has come for auto manufacturers to be accountable for their product. No longer can companies produce cars that have roughly the same mile-per-gallon efficiency that cars did 30 years ago. The taxpayers, who now have shares in GM and Chrysler, have demanded a moderately-priced, fuel-efficient alternative and should be granted one. The Volt will only use electricity for the first 40 miles driven , emitting virtually no emissions into the atmosphere. GMâÄôs Website estimated that while driving in this first 40-mile zone, cost will be a mere 2 cents per mile, compared to about 12 cents using gasoline. And when the 40-mile barrier is broken, the engine goes into a hybrid mode, using both electricity and gasoline, which is still much more practical than a regular engine. Although there are already tax credits in place, there should be enough that the new generation of pure green cars will be on a fair playing field with their competition, so the consumer will be free from the price constraints of the new promising technology. An equal playing field at the dealership is a must if this clean technology is to become feasible for the masses.