Don’t shortchange Boynton

Margaret Belew

I was interested to read Tara BannowâÄôs April 6 article âÄúFairview opens new clinic near campusâÄù about the new sports medicine clinic that opened last week. It did, however, leave me wondering whether the reporter was actually familiar with the services currently available at Boynton Health Service. As an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist with 19 years of experience in that setting and one of two physical therapists at Boynton, I have been very impressed with the care we are able to offer. We have three physicians here who have extensive work experience in orthopedics as well as with the Gophers sports teams, and we are able to work with them as well as the other providers here âÄúseamlesslyâÄù to rehab a wide variety of athletes, the physically active and the non-athletic as well. In a clinic where seven different physicians and five different therapists regularly rotate through to service a fixed clientele, itâÄôs hard to imagine an advantage in terms of continuity of care, or even seamlessness beyond a single visit. I just wish the reporter would have checked into the services already being provided on campus by our accredited health service so that she could more knowledgeably compare the two service options. Margaret Belew Boynton Health Service physical therapist