A&E’s top restroom picks

by Sara Nicole Miller

>Macy’s (formerly Marshall Field’s, formerly Dayton’s) women’s restroom, fourth floor, downtown Minneapolis

Nestled in a cranny by the women’s unmentionables department, this art deco-style bathroom might just be the Midwest’s best kept secret.

The News Room, Nicollet Mall, downtown Minneapolis

“Incredible Spacesuit Cures Flatulence!” is just one of many odd headlines blown up and plastered onto this restaurant’s bathroom walls.

Har Mar Theater, Roseville

The ceiling is covered in faux leopard fur, and each of the curved plastic stalls is covered with a color of the rainbow. Enough said.

Loring Pasta Bar, Dinkytown

The emblazoned, bohemian decorative style of these famed restrooms could lure Alice right out of the Looking Glass.

On Campus

The Best: McNamara Alumni Center restrooms

While the building’s exterior is an atrocity, its insides are as attractive as any building on campus, and the restrooms are no exception. Their posh, spacious layouts get very little of that pesky student foot traffic, the smell is pleasantly neutral and there are even urinal partitions for masculine privacy. Even better, they’re guaranteed to be clean – it’s where the important people potty.

The Worst: third floor women’s restroom, Folwell Hall

Ladies, if you happen to have a class around Folwell’s third floor this semester, you might want to plan on a pit stop in another building. The line seems perpetually five-deep and there’s only one sink. And most importantly, the smell. Oh the smell!