Hockey tickets

I wrote a few weeks ago about how I am a senior who will be graduating in May, but that this still did not guarantee me hockey season tickets. Shortly after I wrote my letter to the Daily, my group was notified that we were able to get tickets just for Friday night. Since then, the season ticket office put us through a giant hassle, and I assumed that after all our troubles we would at least be seated in section 14. Section 14 is the lively section where the band plays. It is also the end of the ice where you get to see the opposing goalie for two periods. I was of course mistaken, and once again, I was wronged by the student season ticket office. Instead of in section 14, my group was placed in section 3. Section 3 is basically the “overflow” section, meant to be another student section, but instead it is composed of students who are highly upset for not being in section 14. I have done a bit of research on the student ticket process of all the other Big Ten as well as WCHA schools. At every single one of these schools, season tickets, as well as seat assignments, are based on student seniority. Many of these schools give season tickets based on the first time a student registered for classes, on how many credits he or she currently takes, or even on the student’s expected date of graduation. Another discovery I made is that a few of these schools don’t even charge for student season tickets. Instead, they are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. But here at the University we base our student season tickets allocation on a completely random lottery. It is time for the ticket office to implement a system based on seniority, be it credits or expected graduation. I am an avid hockey fan who roots hard for the Gophers. I would root for them, and have, even if I was half way across the globe. I have held season tickets since my freshman year, and have only missed a few games. Students with seniority should be entitled to the first choice for student season tickets. Students with seniority should be even more entitled to section 14. The season ticket office needs to seriously look at their season ticket selection process and make some changes.

Adam Schiff, senior, American studies and political science