War on Iraq

As a member of the Minnesota Army National Guard, I might be called up to fight in the war with Iraq. But I wonder if this threat of war could have been avoided? Saddam Hussein is a very powerful man and he might indeed have weapons of mass destruction, but he also sits on one of the largest oil reserves in the world. I don’t believe that he could have built such a large arsenal of weapons were it not for the millions of dollars he makes in oil revenue. If we do not want future generations to deal with the problems brought about from our dependency on foreign oil, then we should combat the problem now. Forty percent of the 18 million barrels of oil we use daily is consumed by our automobiles. With the technology at hand to build more fuel-efficient cars, we could significantly lower the amount of oil consumed and put a dent in Hussein’s checkbook. It is high time that the U.S. automakers do their part and put these vehicles out on the road.

Edward Markfort, sophomore, architecture