Punk walks out

Blake Apgar

WWE Superstar CM Punk reportedly parted ways with the company late last week, which completely sucks for wrestling fans.


For all of the non-wrestling fans out there, let me put this into perspective for you: CM Punk was the longest reigning WWE champion of the modern era at 434 days. That’s nuts.


Punk obtained the title at Survivor Series in 2011. His push to superstardom came after he aired his grievances in a live, unscripted television promo.


That reign ended last year at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view where Punk dropped the title to The Rock. Rocky ended up main-eventing Wrestlemania with John Cena.


Punk never was a fan of part-timers like The Rock, and this year brought another one. 


Batista made his return to the WWE the Monday before this year’s Royal Rumble. He went on to win the Royal Rumble match, where he solidified his spot at the top of the  Wrestlemania card. 


Punk is upset that he isn’t getting the Wrestlemania moment he deserves after working week in and week out for years, so he did what any grown man would do: He walked out on the company.


As it stands, Punk has been pulled from all WWE live events and advertisements. He reportedly has no plans to come back, even with his contract running out in July.


WWE has a pretty stacked roster as it is, but they’re taking a huge hit by losing CM Punk. What’s more, the fans are losing another reason to tune in every week. Here’s hoping for a return.