Downtown criminal ‘flash mobs’ keep police alert

Molly Novak

Police patrolling Nicollet Mall on Friday chased 15 to 20 youth after they attacked a group of bicyclists.

According to a criminal complaint there have been "numerous, recent 'flash mobs' of individuals engaging in criminal conduct." 

Police said there have been six incidents since February, mostly around the Nicollet Mall area, according to reports from KARE 11. Police have increased patrol in the area and arrested the suspects from Friday's mob quickly.

Friday's incident started with a group of about seven youths who charged three bicyclists. One biker was knocked off his bike and broke his jaw; the youths surrounded and beat another man, reported the Star Tribune. The mob ran from cops to a restaurant patio where a glass candelabra was thrown at the bikers and missed.

Police caught and charged Antonio D Jones, 20 of Brooklyn Park, with felony fifth-degree drug possession, gross-misdemeanor third-degree riot and misdemeanor fifth-degree assault. Three other juveniles, ages 15, 16 and 17, were arresed for probably cause aggravated robbery.