Ruth Mason

As attorney general, Libertarian candidate Ruth Mason wants to limit government and government spending and stop investigating legitimate businesses.
“Hubert Humphrey (III)’s lawsuit with the cigarette manufactures opened up a can of worms,” Mason said. It’s the people’s choice to buy them or not; adults should be able to make up their own minds, she said.
Mason said she wants to focus on crimes of force and fraud, concentrating on violent crimes.
Mason is one of four candidates running for attorney general, a position left open by gubernatorial candidate Hubert H. “Skip” Humphrey III.
Mason, a mother and homemaker, does not consider herself a career politician.
“The attorney general’s office is full of lawyers,” Mason said. Mason has no background in law but said her talents lie in administration and organization.
Mason said she is not up to date on issues facing the University. She said in general she is for privatization of public schools and believes the elimination of income tax would free up money for citizens to put towards tuition for private schools and universities.
Mason is opposed to legislation which discriminates against homosexuals and government seizing private property for public use — like for infrastructure developments — without proper compensation.