Henry Kissinger visits the University

Henry Kissinger spoke Thursday morning at the UniversityâÄôs Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs as part of a panel discussion. The panel kicked off the last of a four day series of forums on American politics and policy. The topic, âÄúDemocracy and AmericaâÄôs Role in the WorldâÄù, was addressed by six foreign policy leaders, including Kissinger, a former Secretary of State. Moderator Brian Atwood, dean of the Humphrey Institute, said promoting democracy has been controversial on âÄúboth sides of the aisle.âÄù Half of the new democracies created since 1965 have failed, and Atwood said âÄúimpressive growth in non-democratic countries defies the notion that democracy alone is the path to prosperity.âÄù Panelists talked about what level of priority democracy should have in defining international relationships and the role of elections in establishing democracies. Kissinger urged the U.S. government to exercise patience and awareness of its own limitations, questioning its ability to âÄúcarry out democratization on a global scale.âÄù He said private U.S. organizations should get involved, and expressed support for the efforts of the National Democratic Institute as a private organization.