Romney reaches goal in Texas

Nickalas Tabbert

Mitt Romney secured the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday night, winning the necessary delegates in the Texas primary.

The win pushed his total past the required 1,144 delegates to receive the bid, meaning Romney can now turn his attention to the race for the White House against President Barack Obama.

Speaking of Obama, he began a new critique of Romney, focusing attention on the Republican’s record as governor of Massachusetts, The Associated Press said.

With the Republican convention now less than three months away, Romney has brought attention to failed stimulus projects and federal money given to green-energy companies.

Romney received flak however for his decision to attend a Donald Trump fundraiser in Las Vegas, a man who has said he thinks the president is not a U.S. citizen.  The Romney campaign rejected that view and conceded it was an unnecessary distraction, the Star Tribune said.

Romney told reporters Monday night that Trump is entitled to his own opinion.

“I don’t agree with all the people who support me,” Romney said.  “And my guess is they don’t all agree with everything I believe in.  But I need to get 50.1 percent or more.”

This week marks the start of a weeklong push to raise millions of dollars on a West Coast swing as Romney looks to gain as much cash as possible ahead of a ramped-up campaign schedule later this summer.

The Republican candidate faces a dual challenge of overcoming tepid favorability ratings and persuading voters why they should support him and not Obama, the Tribune said.  Even though Election Day is five months away, strategists in both campaigns see the phase from Memorial Day to Labor Day as crucial, particularly for defining Romney.