Bill could end

Anyone who has registered a car since March will have gone through one vehicle hassle for the last time.
State legislators on Tuesday completed two days of conference committee deliberations over a bill that will eliminate emissions testing by March 1, 2000.
“We have come to an agreement and we want to do away with emissions testing,” said Rep. Barb Haake, R-Mounds View, author of the bill and member of the conference committee.
Originally included in Gov. Jesse Ventura’s budget recommendations, the elimination is expected to save taxpayers $8 million per year.
The testing will cease March 1, 2000, unless the Environmental Protection Agency gives the go-ahead sooner, Haake said.
This would happen if the agency decided the Twin Cities were nearly air pollutant-free and could end the testing. In this case, the testing would be eliminated on the first day of the month following the decision, Haake said.
Emissions testing in the Twin Cities began in 1991 in an effort to lower the amount of toxins in the air. Ventura included in his proposal a move to create a task force to look at other ways of taking pollutants out of the air.
Each chamber will now vote on the new version of the bill. If passed, it will be sent to Ventura for approval.
— Erin Ghere