After vouching snafu, a call for photo ID

On Nov. 3, the Minnesota Daily published an article slamming activists and poll watchers for challenging voters they thought were being illegally vouched for, noting âÄúaggressionâÄù toward to the voters they portrayed as innocent.

Here we are on Nov. 8, and the Daily publishes an article that throws egg on the face of the Daily, as well as Rep. Keith Ellison âÄî both of whom were enormously vocal and stood in fierce opposition to the alleged âÄòintimidationâÄô that was going on. Volunteers from Students Organizing for America, a DFL front group, are now facing felony charges over illegal vouching. When will we wake up to the fact that MinnesotaâÄôs election laws need serious reform, and that Americans who support a photo ID initiative are the ones speaking sensibly? Voter fraud exists, whether we like it or not, and itâÄôs time to institute photo ID to put an end to the sham election policies in Minnesota.