Green Party brings VP campaign to campus

Candidate Cheri Honkala spoke at CSoM about current issues.

Marjorie Otto


While most campaign stops around the University of Minnesota are for Democratic and Republican candidates, third-party candidates are still visible.

Green Party vice-presidential candidate Cheri Honkala visited the Carlson School of Management on Saturday for Socialist Minnesota, an annual conference hosted by Socialist Alternative to promote the Green Party.

Honkala, along with community members, discussed the party’s platform, which centers on its four pillars of social and economic justice, grassroots democracy, non-violence and ecological wisdom.

Jim Ivey, a Green Party of Minnesota organizer, said the party aims to give an alternative option to people who don’t feel represented by the two-party system.

Although the Green Party discussed its overall platform, a better part of the convention focused on the issue of poverty and homelessness.

Honkala, who said she was homeless for many years, spoke extensively about growing up in Minneapolis. She said she and her son, who she had as a teenager, lived in an abandoned house after a drunken driver hit the car they lived in.

The vice-presidential candidate pushed for using abandoned houses to shelter homeless people.

“We don’t need to tighten our belts; we just need to get our priorities straight,” she said about using resources already available.

Honkala contrasted herself with the party’s presidential candidate, Jill Stein, a physician who has a degree from Harvard College and has run for governor of Massachusetts.

The two candidates have received some national attention.

Police arrested the two women as they tried to enter the second presidential debate.

Honkala claimed police handcuffed her and Stein to metal chairs and left them in a police warehouse.

Other issues discussed were the two proposed constitutional amendments that will appear on the ballot in Minnesota on Nov. 6 as well as universal health care, green energy and corporate-financing of campaigns.

According to the Green Party website, Stein and Honkala will appear on 38 states’ ballots.