Police arrest suspect in Sept. stadium kidnapping

The suspect in the kidnapping and robbery faces a Dec. 1 court date

Ian Larson

A 21-year-old man is in jail for allegedly kidnapping and robbing a University of Minnesota student on Sept. 27, according to Hennepin County court records. Ahmed Osman Farah faces felony kidnapping and robbery charges and is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 1, according to jail records. Farah and another man allegedly kidnapped a University foreign exchange student who was waiting for a taxi near TCF Bank Stadium during the early morning hours of Sept. 27, according to a police report. The men ordered the student to get into their vehicle and implied that they would give him a ride home, according to the court record. The second man in the car allegedly grabbed the student by the collar and put his hand under his shirt as if he had a gun, telling the student that if he did not empty his pockets, they would kill him. The student turned over his wallet, cell phone and passport to the men, according to the record. Farah allegedly took the studentâÄôs credit and debit cards. Farah drove to a Riverside Avenue bank where security cameras captured footage of the two men and the student in the bank lobby. The men took $300 from the student at the bank before he was able to yell to a crowd at a nearby bus stop that he had been robbed, according to the record. Minneapolis police later identified the car from the kidnapping as a stolen rental car and arrested Farah on Nov. 5, according to the record. Credit card thief and would-be concert-goer arrested University of Minnesota Police have taken a repeat offender into custody after they found the person using a stolen credit card to buy concert tickets from the University, according to a police report. The suspect, who was not identified by police, bought eight Steely Dan concert tickets online using a stolen credit card, according to the report. Officers arrested the suspect when the suspect came to pick up the tickets Sunday at Northrop Auditorium . Cone breaks frat window Residents of Delta Upsilon house were bemused Nov. 1 when they heard breaking glass and found that a traffic cone had been thrown through their bathroom window, according to a police report filed Friday. The fraternity members heard breaking glass and ran outside but found only a broken window and the traffic cone, according to the report.