Another restaurant will take a chance at infamous location

Early next month, yet another restaurant will open its doors on the corner of Cedar and Riverside avenues. And this time, says owner Fouad Masroujeh, the space will be occupied for more than a few months.
The infamous location — the home of Masroujeh’s newest Falafel King restaurant — has seen four businesses come and go within the last three years.
Masroujeh said he’s had his eye on the spot for the last eight years, and ultimately decided to act on his ambitions to set up shop in the area when the Grey Duck, the corner’s most recent casualty, folded at the end of February.
Masroujeh is also the owner of both of the other Twin Cities’ Falafel King locations: the Uptown restaurant that’s been in business since 1984 and its Dinkytown counterpart, in its fourth year of operation.
For the last few months, Masroujeh has been redesigning the building, installing “international decor” and preparing for the restaurant’s grand opening, scheduled for the first week in May.
Masroujeh says he’s pleased with the success of both the other Falafel Kings and he expects similar results in the Cedar-Riverside business district.
“This is an ethnically diverse neighborhood, and we fit perfectly in it. The three businesses before us were different operations,” Masroujeh said. “This is going to be a restaurant that fits in this neighborhood.”
Masroujeh says he expects affordable prices, a well-established reputation and free parking to jump-start his business into success where others have failed.

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