ROTC student earns travel scholarship

The scholarship will pay for Ubbelohde’s monthlong tour of Indian cities.

Jeannine Aquino

A military student at the University Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps was awarded what is known as the “Rhodes Scholarship of the military.”

Andy Ubbelohde is one of 11 military students selected from a national pool of 4,500 applicants for the Olmsted Overseas Travel Program.

The scholarship allows students to participate in university-sponsored trips or university-approved study abroad programs for up to one semester.

Ubbelohde, a University of St. Thomas senior with a major in criminal justice and minor in naval science, will travel to seven cities in India for one month.

“I hope to gain a more diverse outlook on the world,” Ubbelohde said. “I want to learn about something totally different than what I know.”

In addition to being a naval ROTC student, Ubbelohde is also a co-captain for the St. Thomas football team and an executive officer in the University battalion. He also has a 3.81 GPA.

University naval ROTC commanding officer Capt. Jim Coulson described Ubbelohde as “outstanding.”

“He’s inquisitive, self-motivated and has a drive to excel in everything that he does,” he said. “That’s personified in him being the second leading all-time tackler for the St. Thomas defense.”

Marine officer instructor Capt. Will Fenwick called Ubbelohde a “scholar-athlete with proven leadership abilities.”

“The biggest thing that strikes me is his humility,” he said. “With all the skills, talents and achievements he’s had, he’s still pretty humble.”

The military will commission Ubbelohde as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps after he graduates next year. He will go on active duty and report to basic school in Virginia for training. After six months, he will be assigned to a specific job in the Marines.

The military offers the Olmsted scholarship program to educate young career military line officers who exhibit potential in becoming military leaders. Gen. George Olmsted established the program in the late 1950s.