MSA needs refocusing

Student government does not need another layer of bureaucracy.

Editorial board

The Minnesota Student Association is in the process of creating yet another layer of bureaucracy. To represent students at the State Capitol more efficiently, MSA introduced two more programs: Twin Cities Advocacy Corp and the Minnesota Student Legislative Coalition. While their intentions are good, MSA needs to focus on taking real action.

The undergraduate government introduced the Minnesota Student Legislative Coalition idea last March and itâÄôs still in the planning stages. With the Legislative Certificate Program already in place to lobby for students, these new groups are unnecessary.

Improvements are always ideal, but the amount of time spent on preparation and development of these extra groups is unreasonable. With the Legislative Certificate Program already up and running, MSA should focus on fine-tuning that group, not adding more on top of it. These two new initiatives will cost money and waste time.

With tuition high and constantly rising, students need a group right now to turn to and take action. That group is the Legislative Certificate Program.

MSA must create more realistic goals that can be met, such as reaching out to students more or providing a simple, accessible way for students to participate in lobbying. Members of MSA should keep in mind the students they represent and why the undergraduate student government exists.

Creating more layers of bureaucracy will only waste time and money. Instead, MSA should re-evaluate the current system in place and improve upon it. Legislative Certificate Program members should work to directly reach out to students to encourage participation in lobbying.