Michael Neitzel

Michael Neitzel has some serious changes in mind for Minnesota.
Scrap all income taxes, end the war on drugs and privatize social security are the 29-year-old’s big three tasks.
If he wins a seat in U.S. House of Representatives, Neitzel admits the changes he wants aren’t likely to happen all at once. But any tax cuts for Minnesota, he said, will be a victory.
“I’d like to lower federal income tax to leave students more money for school,” Neitzel said.
The libertarian principles that guide him are those of limited government and its responsibility to achieve goals without using force or fraud.
Taxation, he said, is a use of force because people don’t have a choice. “The most productive people are likely to leave Minnesota to seek out states with lower taxes,” and protect their income from the government.
He also believes that the federal government shouldn’t have a hand in education. As with crime fighting, local and state bodies should have autonomy over the management of their communities, not Washington politicians.
To prepare for his bid, Neitzel quit school at Augsburg College, where he studied accounting, and devoted himself to his campaign and his courier position with Federal Express.
He is the first Libertarian running in the 4th District.