The casual burger joint: The Nook

by Yena Lee

Friday nights are usually busy for any popular restaurant; however, the Nook redefines “busy.”


My friends and I wanted to grab a quick bite at the Nook during dinnertime on Friday. We didn’t want to sit in a noisy restaurant, so we opted for take-out. However, that option was not even available at 7 PM. The waitress taking the phone orders apologetically informed me that they weren’t taking over for another half hour to hour.


After debating whether to wait or to go to another dining establishment, we decided to wait the half hour for some tasty burgers — the Juicy Nookie burger is worth the wait.


After waiting, then ordering, we stepped into the busy restaurant. The small waiting area they had was overcrowded, and the main dining space was filled with patrons. The fun-filled atmosphere’s noise was at an almost uncomfortable decibel level; however, it looked like all the customers were having a fun time.


The delicious scent of the burgers slowly filled the car on the way back home, and all three of us were extremely eager to dig in.


And that first bite of the Juicy Nookie was incredibly satisfying. Although it was a long wait, it was well worth it.