With light rail’s construction, bad parking vibrations

As a student I know that it can be difficult and/or expensive to find parking around campus. The University of Minnesota should have worked harder to resolve the issue of noise vibrations much earlier and then moved on to address the issue of parking.

The addition of the light rail will be helpful to a lot of us and will most likely be a great addition to campus. But donâÄôt forget that itâÄôs not just for us; itâÄôs for everyone in the Twin Cities. The Metropolitan Council, which is in charge of the project, has shown it is willing to take the steps that are necessary so that noise vibrations are not a problem, so now we should move on to the issue of parking. An efficient light-rail network combined with highly available and affordable parking would drastically improve transportation in the Twin Cities.

Recently, the University conducted simulations on Washington Avenue to find out the effect that heavy construction equipment would have on sensitive laboratories. I agree that it is important to protect research facilities. However, it should have been done in a more cost-effective way that considers other aspects of this huge public transportation project. Parking around the UniversityâÄôs campus is already difficult and the neighborhoods further east on University Avenue will be losing the majority of their parking as a result of the light rail.

All of the time and money we are spending focusing on noise vibrations is taking away resources that we could use to solve the parking issue.