Where Life Meets Style: Celebr(08)!

Aaron Leth

Oh my Lord & Taylor! So much has happened since the last time my wit has graced you all, chief among the haps: Britney\’s globetrotting with her Ö friend Ö Osama-bin-paparazzo, and not on any goofy basketball team. Where as the world used to wonder which Los Angeles Starbucks she\’d target each day, we are now faced with which country she\’s fleeing to. But hey, things are looking slightly up for her: She has yet to show her bits in public this year, which isn\’t saying much, but still.

Speaking of flashing bits, the other big story: Victoria Beckham in the spring ad campaign for Marc Jacobs. What\’s ironic here is that she\’s basically playing the product, floating in giant bags, walking out of clutches and shoe boxes as big as she is. Marc Jacobs, who\’s enjoyed one of fashion\’s greatest comebacks after a stint in rehab, employs quirky photog Juergen Teller to shoot his ads. They\’re always a little weird, like Dakota Fanning holding a Blow Pop, eyes bulging in some lacey number; or Meg White of the White Stripes just sitting in a junkyard at night, smoking a ciggy. You get the picture (literally) – weird. But with Posh, he\’s truly outdone himself. Even that “Worst Dressed” list guy put her at the top of his list for 2007, beating out bat-sh!t-crazy Britney, and now this? Ouch, Marc, ouch.

We\’re only about a month into the new year, and look at all we have to be thankful for and anticipate. I\’ve got lots up my Thomas Pink dress shirt-clad sleeves this semester. I applied to work at Interview magazine, but deciding to finish my degree, I wound up staying in good ol\’ Minnie to “column” as I see \’em. One of the questions the interviewer asked queried my favorite fashion blogs/Web sites. So look forward to a rousing top 10 of those, or 11, who knows? I also want to highlight the best V-day spots to swoon your sweetheart on the tackiest of holidays; luckily you have me to help you stay stylish, and not overly maudlin, for that dreadful day.

From there comes the advent of warmer – or least, more manageable – Minnesota weather, which means of course we\’ll need to discuss the chicest spring trends to keep you looking sharp right into the new season: Think navy and white, mixed with canary and mint green. Can you say Earth Day? The “green” movement, in more ways than one, has definitely hit the fashion world. To top it off, we even have a mini fashion spread we\’re cooking up to help illustrate EXACTLY what I\’m talking about. And of course, let\’s not forget I\’ll be critiquing the senior fashion show in the design school!

In short, I hope your year started off just as wonderfully as mine did. For the holidays my family and I took a vaykay to Aruba. It\’s hardly its own country, but rather a little bubbling paradise nestled off the coast of Venezuela. There is no Gap, Starbucks, Lands\’ End or even, thank your God, Old Navy. In their places, though, is a small mecca of luxury retailers, one of them being Gucci. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, so I bought a $1,000 Gucci bag. I know, I know – sounds horrible for a starving student, but guess what? It was marked down to $600! And after you buy something, they kiss you! Who knew? The purchase made my trip, and probably my life.

In 2008, invest in something you\’ll own forever and that\’ll bring you as much joy as my bag did. Whether it\’s that Louis Vuitton tote or that Purple Label Ralph Lauren coat, staple wardrobe items that last a lifetime are not only necessary, but also more important, they never fail. So save up your pennies, brave the light rail all the way to the downtown Macy\’s and celebr(08)! It\’s a new year, time for a new president, and well, a new Britney Ö that is if you can find her.