Bites, beers and bands

Food trucks take over Harriet Brewing, again. Plus, find out which truck is perfect for you.

Lindsey Siebenaler serves samples in front of the Motley Crews Heavy Metal Grill Food That Rocks food truck at the Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis on Saturday.

Lisa Persson

Lindsey Siebenaler serves samples in front of the Motley Crews Heavy Metal Grill Food That Rocks food truck at the Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis on Saturday.

by Callie Sacarelos

After a long, busy week, I can’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful autumn day than by nomming on some scrumptious street food, sipping locally crafted brews and listening to live music outside.

The Fall Feast Food Truck Rally, sponsored by the Minnesota Food Truck Association, will feature more than a dozen trucks, alcoholic beverages from Harriet Brewing and four local bands.

It might be overwhelming to pick from so many different mouthwatering options packed into one spot, so take this quiz to see which food truck is most likely to make you salivate.

1. What are you throwing on to stay warm this fall?
a) The same leather jacket I’ve been rockin’ all summer
b) A faded jean jacket and slouchy beanie
c) A yak’s wool poncho I picked up in the Himalayas
d) A sweatshirt with a college logo

2. At a house party you are:
a) Star-gazing by the fire pit
b) Telling jokes in the kitchen
c) Planning my next stop for the evening
d) Playing songs on my guitar for a small but admiring crowd

3) How do you take your coffee?
a) Double espresso
b) Black
c) I prefer tea
d) Caramel latte

4) Where do you get most of your news?
a) Vice
b) Al Jazeera
c) BuzzFeed
d) NPR

5) What’s the first thing people notice about you?
a) My smile
b) My clothes
c) My hair/piercings/tattoos
d) My eyes

Tally up your points:

1.) a: 4, b: 1, c: 3, d: 2
2.) a: 3, b: 2, c: 1, d: 4
3.) a: 1, b: 4, c: 3, d: 2
4.) a: 4, b: 3, c: 2, d: 1
5.) a: 2, b: 1, c: 4, d: 3


If you got 5-8 points: AZ Canteen

You’re the type of hipster who calls themself a hipster. Or perhaps you’re just so at ease with being trendy that when society gives you the label, you embrace it. You spend your Saturdays hunting down anything that falls under the “off the beaten path” category from that alternative guide to the Twin Cities you picked up at Magers and Quinn. So, don your thick-rimmed glasses, slap that carabineer to your belt loop and get lost in the sea of flannel outside the AZ Canteen food truck. It’s owned by Andrew Zimmern, the king of Minnesota foodies. Asher Miller, director of operations, said menu items like the cabrito butter burger (read: goat kid meat) may be different from your mainstream food truck hamburger, “but in the end it’s just bar food that’s served differently.”

Order: Crispy pork belly with papaya salad and a fried egg, served in a Chinese take-out box.


If you got 9-12 points: Hot Indian Foods

When you were in middle school, your goofy antics might have led people to call you the class clown or just plain … weird. But now you’ve blossomed into a sexy, confident and down-to-earth individual. You’ve won friends, influenced people and gained a large Twitter following with your sassy quips and vibrant personality. If you realize you forgot to eat something today because you were too busy live-blogging your favorite TV show or writing your next stand-up routine, stop by Hot Indian Foods for some creative nourishment. The bright orange truck with a cheeky woman wearing a sari and bindi on the side attracts people like you who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Order: The Indurrito, classic Indian ingredients wrapped in Indian flat bread.


If you got 14-16 points: Lulu’s Street Food

After traveling around the world a few times, it’s become hard for you to really define yourself. You’ve learned to seamlessly float in and out of different cultures, checking certain behaviors at border patrol and taking on a new mindset once the guard stamps your passport. Because you’ve tried every food/animal part/insect that’s crossed your path, nothing really intimidates you anymore. So if you’re looking for something to excite your palate, give Lulu’s a try. Owner Christian Orosz said his menu is constantly evolving because it’s not tied to one cuisine or type of food. “It’s called Lulu’s Street Food. That could mean anything,” he said. Consider yourself warned, though. Eating here might satisfy your crazy cravings, but it’ll probably stir up that dormant travel bug you can’t seem to shake.

Order: Seared scallop taco with jalapeno bacon and citrus pico de gallo.


If you got 17-20 points: Motley Crews Heavy Metal Grill

You like to spend your free time sweating it out in your leather jacket, pumping your fist and moshing at 7th Street Entry.  But now it’s the morning after, the sun is shining too brightly and you need some rib-sticking grub to cure your post-party blues. If the life-size red, yellow and black image of a concert crowd on the side of this truck doesn’t catch your attention, then the ’80s rock thumping from its speakers will. Owner Marty Richie said there’s “no froufrou” on his menu. Service is fast and you’ll get your money’s worth, leaving you with plenty of cash to blow on whoever is playing next at the Triple Rock.

Order: Glazed pork chop with apple marmalade, just in time for fall.


What: Fall Feast Food Truck Rally

Where: Harriet Brewing Company, 3036 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis

When: Noon-7 p.m., Saturday

Cost: Free to attend; food and beer costs vary