Letter: I was embarrassed to be on Scholars Walk

Letter to the Editor

It’s odd to be punished by having something taken away that you never wanted in the first place, like when my mother sent me to my room for being sassy. I loved my room, all my books were there, I had no interest in going outdoors. And that’s how I feel about being removed from the Scholars Walk at the University because I’ve been accused of “inappropriate behavior” by Minnesota Public Radio. I looked at the Scholars Walk once and was embarrassed to be in it. 

I’m a writer, not a scholar, and writers don’t need plaques: we write books and if you wish you can read one, good luck and God bless. I wrote a slew of novels, essays, poems, have a collection of limericks on the way and am at work on a novella, “Inappropriate Behavior.” As for the accusation, it is very far from the truth: what I am guilty of was friendship, not harassment. I believe I know the difference. As for the University, I wish you all a long and happy and productive life, and if you have that, plaques don’t matter. Go to your room. Do your work.

Editor’s note: Garrison Keillor submitted this letter to the editor shortly after the Daily ran a story that his plaque was replaced on Scholars Walk.

Keillor is a former Minnesota Public Radio personality who was fired from the station in 2017 after being accused of inappropriate behavior. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1966.