Stop hating Carlson

Mike Posnick

In the Nov. 10 letter to the editor âÄúJourney into CarlsonâÄôs corporate culture,âÄù the author slams the Carlson School of Management because some of its students wear business professional clothing and âÄúnoisyâÄù shoes in the building. Upon entering the building herself to find a place to study, the author claimed to feel ashamed for being underdressed and rushed to the nearest exit. On behalf of the entire CSOM student body, I apologize for our culture of professionalism. I apologize that our students âÄî who study how to manage businesses âÄî might wear the very clothing required in the world of business management. I also would like to apologize on behalf of the Medical School and the Law School here that encourage their students to wear specific types of clothing. As the most diverse college on campus, the College of Education and Human Development should also similarly apologize for the variety of ethnic clothing worn by its students, like hijabs and kiffeyas. The attacks on CSOM because its students wear professional clothing are pathetic. Of the many thousands of legitimate complaints to make about CSOM, this is not one of them. It seems fitting that the author felt ashamed and rushed out of the building. After all, there is no place in CSOM for intolerance. Stop the hate. Mike Posnick University undergraduate student