U employees gave overwhelmingly more to Democrat-affiliated groups, candidates

Federal election filings show that 97 percent of U faculty contributions went to Democrats in 2016.

Ethan Nelson

Ninety-seven percent of all federal campaign contributions from University of Minnesota faculty went to Democrats or Democrat-affiliated groups this election year.

Hillary Clinton received the most money by far, with around $4,600 from 50 individual donations. Donald Trump didn’t get any money from professors, though he received $100 from a graduate student.

The data for this story include only individual contributions to individual committees and is from the Federal Election Commission. The data includes contributors who self-reported their employer as the University of Minnesota.

Professors for this story include tenure and tenure-track professors as well as instructors and lecturers.

The $811 in donations from professors for Republican candidates and groups came from four individual donations.

The data are not surprising, given that a recent study found that among 7,000 professors, for every one Republican there are 11.5 Democrats.

Bernie Sanders, who suspended his campaign in July, received more than $30,000 from University employees. Clinton received around $75,000.

Among University professors, Sanders directly received around $6,500, and Clinton’s group received $2,000 less.

Steven Ruggles, the Minnesota Population Center’s director, one of the biggest donors from the University, gave $6,000, the second-most this year. Ruggles has contributed $74,300 since 2002, mostly to Democrats.

Administrators and other leaders, such as deans and directors, gave a relatively small amount of money to candidates.

Political action committees affiliated with medical associations received nearly $6,000 this year.