Angry woman threatens, then pulls fire alarm in Williamson Hall

A repeat offender was also reported as masturbating in a U building.

Raya Zimmerman

A woman pulled a fire alarm Thursday in Williamson Hall, evacuating the building, after her requests to see University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks were denied, witnesses said.
Katy Isenberg was working in the admissions office when Ardo Barkhadle, 26, came in and demanded to speak to the University president.
âÄúShe was kind of frantic,âÄù Isenberg said. âÄúI tried to ask her what she needed but she just demanded that I call the president.âÄù
Isenberg said Barkhadle wasnâÄôt wearing any shoes.
âÄúIt was tense but also kind of confusing because we didnâÄôt understand why she was acting this way,âÄù Isenberg said.
University student Dori Shelton was waiting to see an adviser and said Barkhadle was âÄúirateâÄù and began âÄúcussing outâÄù the admission workers when they wouldnâÄôt call the president.
Compounding the confusion, Barkhadle then demanded workers call the police, threatening that âÄúeveryoneâÄôs going to be in dangerâÄù if her requests were not met, Shelton said.
Barkhadle then pulled the fire alarm and âÄústormed outside,âÄù Shelton said. The police were called and UMPD and the Minneapolis Fire Department arrived shortly after, while people evacuated the building.
Shelton said the admissions workers had seen Barkhadle in the office several times that week trying to obtain admission through the College of Continuing Education, but they wouldnâÄôt admit her.
Police arrested Barkhadle and she was booked in Hennepin County Jail.
Her shoes and pants were found across the street in a snow bank, Shelton said.
Barkhadle was charged with tampering with the fire alarm system and for disorderly conduct. She has been released from custody with a $300 bail.
Lurking man in Hanson Hall leaves evidence
Carlson School of Management Associate Administrator Deb Savage  reported a man for repeatedly sneaking into Hanson Hall and masturbating late last week.
The man has been sleeping and smoking âÄî as well as leaving certain scandalous specimens in a restroom, according to a police report.
He has also been leaving burn holes in the common area furniture.
The buildingâÄôs security monitor is only on staff until midnight and the man is suspected to be sneaking into the facilities between 3 a.m. and 5:30 a.m., according to a police report.
According to the report, Savage requested police monitoring during the hours the man visits.
The man usually sits in the lounge area on the second floor or in the menâÄôs restroom on the first floor, the report said.
The man has not yet been found, and police are still investigating.