New cellphone repair service store opens in Stadium Village

CPR: Cell Phone Repair opened its doors on Thursday.

Kristina Busch

As the temperature gets colder and the sidewalks get icier, a single slip might mean a cracked phone for students.

But a new store, CPR: Cell Phone Repair opened its doors in Stadium Village Thursday to offer a solution to winter mishaps.

Manager and co-partner of the store Andy Strandquist said he and his partners saw an opportunity to lease a space, and thought Stadium Village would be a successful location for a service store, with students already stopping in for repairs.

“One of the things that’s changing right now in the wireless industry is everyone is paying full price for devices,” Strandquist, a University alum, said. “People are repairing their devices instead of throwing them away and doing an upgrade.”

Employee Erik Olsen, a Dunwoody College of Technology first-year, said students have begun to notice the store as they walk by on Washington Avenue.

“We need to get the word out that we’re in the area and open for business,” Olsen said.

Computer Science pre-major and junior Amy Vuong said she noticed the service store and is familiar with it because there’s a location in her hometown.

She said cell repair businesses make most of their revenue from cracked screens, so the service will be especially helpful for students with iPhones.

But she said the University also offers M Tech Warranty & Repair, located in Coffman Union, which repairs devices.

“I’ve never been [to M Tech] so I’m not sure how good their services are, but I guess what CPR offers that the Office of Information Technology doesn’t is mobile expertise,” Vuong said.

Strandquist said the company has a vendor partner that sources parts from China.

“CPR has the most quality parts and we do [our services] the fastest,” Olsen said. “It’s worth the cost.”

Strandquist said he hopes the service store will be a longtime tenant on campus.

“As students come and go, we hope they learn we’re a great place to get their device repaired,” he said.