With Harvard Market closing, convenient shopping opportunities are limited

by Mary Sampson - University employee

I am sorry to see that Harvard Market is going out of business. Your article raised a couple of questions in my mind.
Firstly, the article said that a CVS/pharmacy would occupy the ground floor of the student apartments being built on the block. Seeing as thereâÄôs already a CVS in Dinkytown, if there had to be another drugstore in the campus area, why couldnâÄôt it have been a WalgreenâÄôs? Not to knock CVS, but in my experience, WalgreenâÄôs carries certain items that are hard to find anyplace else, including CVS.
Additionally, the campus area really needs a proper grocery instead of a drugstore. Why couldnâÄôt the retail space on the ground floor be occupied by a midsized grocery store? I used to like to go over to the Riverside co-op, until it went out of business. It was big enough to have a range, if not a really large selection, of food and household items, as well as a produce section, meat counter, lunch area and soup and salad bar. ThatâÄôs the kind of store we need near campus.