SkinCure Laboratories

Name: SkinCure Laboratories

Year Founded: 2001

Industry: Biotechnology

Revenue Generated for University: $0

Summary: Currently, SkinCure Laboratories is more a concept than a company. It has no products and one employee, founder Zoltan Kiss. It started when Kiss discovered a protein in 1997. The protein appears to encourage skin cells to multiply. It’s been tested in lab dishes and on mice. If the protein’s properties are as promising as Kiss believes they might be, it could serve as an ingredient in wound-healing or

antiaging cream. More testing needs to be done before the results are conclusive, but Kiss convinced Sota Tec to give him grant money to start a business. Until Kiss raises enough capital to purchase or rent laboratory space, he is outsourcing research to other labs. To date, $500,000 has gone into the project from Kiss’ own pockets, Sota Tec grants and other small investors. Kiss estimates it will take $5 million to $15 million in investment capital before the company’s first product is ready for market.