Questionable reporting

Shayla Wilson

The University of Minnesota Medical School Financial Aid Office has estimated the yearly cost for second-year medical students to be approximately $57,500. In addition, health care costs are rising. Budget cuts and physician reimbursements are falling. With approximately 40 hours per week of lectures, labs, small groups, and clinical training, it was a nice and refreshing surprise to have one little thing go our way: a free textbook for our Ear, Nose and Throat class. True, the book is supported by the Daiichi Pharmaceutical Corporation. But more importantly, it is distributed by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation and written by nine doctors. No, not nine researchers for the pharmaceuticals or nine businessmen trying to fill our brains with the name of their medication. From this book I learned to check for infraorbital nerve hypesthesia in maxillofacial trauma and the associated symptoms of sphenoid sinusitis; nowhere do I remember having drug names shoved down my throat. Contrary to The Minnesota Daily article published Nov. 4, the beginning of each chapter does not state that Daiichi Pharmaceutical distributes FLOXIN Otic solution; rather each chapter beings by teaching us in a clear and concise manner the important aspects of otolaryngology that we will need as physicians in our future practice. I have used this text for learning purposes and have in no way been swayed by a one inch logo on the front lower corner of the book. To the Department of Otolaryngology: Thank you for arranging a teaching tool free of charge and for making me a more knowledgeable and educated student. Shayla Wilson University graduate student