Landlords identified on housing violation list

A finalized landlord list will be released on Nov. 29 on the Off-Campus Living office’s website.

Max Chao

Well-known University of Minnesota-area landlords were notified a few weeks ago of their inclusion on a list identifying problematic leasing companies.

The list, created and published by the University’s Off-Campus Living office, identifies landlords that lease properties near campus and have repeatedly violated University housing policies. 

The landlords that have been notified are Dinkytown Rentals, the Miles Group, Millennium Management, Minnesota Rental Properties Group and Prime Place.

Dinkytown Rentals leases houses in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, the Miles Group owns The Rail on the north edge of Dinkytown and Prime Place is constructing an apartment in Prospect Park. Millennium Management owns duplexes around campus and Minnesota Rental Properties Group also owns properties in the area. 

Prime Place declined to comment on the list, and three other landlords did not respond to requests from the Minnesota Daily.

“Evidently, we got on that list either years or decades ago, and didn’t even know that we were on it. But we have applied for reinstatement and we’re just waiting for that happen,” said Glen Rank, representative for Dinkytown Rentals. “I don’t know if it hurts us in any way specifically, but it’s not a reputation we want, or I believe deserve.”

Though the list is public, a finalized version will be published and advertised to students on Nov. 29 through the Off-Campus Living office, said Bill Dane, staff attorney for University Student Legal Services.

In the meantime, notified landlords are able to apply for removal from the list, Dane said, and many of the landlords have already done so.

Landlords are placed on the list after they have three unresolved cases with student legal services in a year, he said. For some residents, their landlord’s inclusion on the list is concerning, even if they don’t feel mistreated. 

“With there being so many issues with them, at least three issues, clearly something is wrong,” said sophomore Cole Dubbels, who’s lived at The Rail since September. “I think it’s a really good idea to have this system in place… As first-time renters, for most of us, we can be easily taken advantage of.”

The list’s publication is part of a Minnesota Student Association landlord accountability campaign, which will also include a multimedia awareness campaign this month and new state legislation to protect student renters, according to past Minnesota Daily coverage.