Net: In our self-ap…

Net: In our self-appointed role as gatekeepers of the musings of the University community, we begin to phase out the Clinton discussion and begin the vital topic of possible war with Iraq. Don’t want those attention spans to flag, ya know.

From Shawn Fein: So I see that I have enraged many Clintonites with my entry to Network. I would like to clarify a few points. First of all, I will not respond to everything that was said against me, but I will try to resolve some conflict. To Princess of Power, I DO understand the legal ramifications that President Clinton is facing. I know that the real scandal involves whether he perjured himself. I don’t really care about his sex life at all.
What I AM concerned about is that there is definitely a trend of lying and cheating going on in the White House. I know that others before him have done the same. It just seems that as we move on in time these things seem to get passed over more and more — and government officials, both Republican and Democrat, feel that they can get away with it because we don’t care.
I just want people to stand up for what they feel is right. I don’t want the American people to be lied to. I don’t actually think that Clinton should be impeached — I was just kind of saying that people can exercise some control over government.
After all, isn’t it supposed to be “for the people, by the people?” I don’t agree with war in Iraq Net: And now we begin our new discussion, and I don’t think the United States should be sticking its nose in everyone’s business. This is also in response to Big Queen on Campus. I don’t like the idea of Big Brother going around spying on everyone in their bedrooms. I don’t care what people do in their own bedrooms, as long as it doesn’t harm the greater good of the country. What you have to realize is that the president IS a very public figure, and as such, he takes on a responsibility to conduct himself in a professional, ethical manner. The affairs, excuse the pun, of the president have an effect on the rest on the country.
I don’t want the morals of the country to be thrown out the window. Democrats and Republicans alike can agree that there is something to be said for scruples. Just the fact that President Clinton has been under indictment for a lot of his career and that he had to start up a legal defense fund is a good sign that there is some wrongdoing on his part. I just hope that people take time to decide what they feel is right and act upon that. Don’t be pushed around by government, and don’t sit down when they do something wrong.

From Phlegm of Discontent: I want to hop off the Clinton bashing/defending bandwagon for a second and do my little rant about Iraq, since there are so many activists on campus who can’t focus on anything else. Net: And today, that would be us. Sure, I agree that we shouldn’t be bombing Iraq or having economic sanctions since all they do is hurt the people, not the government. What I think we SHOULD do is march into Baghdad and drag that bastard Hussein out of his palace, bring him over here and let him rot in a Miami jail cell like we did to Noriega (after a quick and fair trial of course, it’s the United States, after all).
People like that, who murder their own people, who invade other countries with no provocation, have no place in the world.

From Peewee: Today I figured I’d try and take my first stab at a non-fraternity-oriented letter. Net: Wow. This Iraq thing is getting serious. This is addressed to Princess of Power and all of you others who write in with your inane political ramblings. Oh yes — let’s all weep for the poor Iraqi citizens who will die because they support a meglomaniac who is hellbent on causing death and destruction.
Remember Kuwait? They did not invade that country and then play nice. The reason we are bombing the crap out of that misbegotten little country is because they keep trying to build weapons of mass destruction. Yes, I know that the United States has them, but there is one critical difference between us and Iraq: Ours were not built for the express purpose of wiping Israel off the face of the earth.
If you think that a power-hungry mad man like Saddam is stockpiling anthrax just for self-defense, then you are either incredibly naive or as dense as a rock. It is easy to say we should leave Iraq alone when you do not live in Israel and have to deal with the threat of annihilation by your neighbors every day. If they do not want to get bombed, then they should revolt against Saddam, otherwise they reap what they sow. As for the United States, sometimes life is about choosing the lesser of two evils, and bombing Iraq is a lot lesser than what they will do if we leave them alone! Net: Any response, Netheads? We’ll be continuing this discussion throughout the week. In the meantime, we have other pressing business:

From Fushia to End of the World as We Know It: As Network suggested that someone might, I happen to have an extra bike that I was thinking of getting rid of. I was the lucky recipient of a free bike at the lovely transportation-fair drawing at the beginning of the year. So now I have two bikes and can only ride one. I would be willing to give you my bike so that I would not have to deal with disposing of it some other way.
The only catch is that you would be getting an old, blue, varsity Schwinn GIRLS bike. So if you need a guys bike, this wouldn’t work. I am sure that Network, in all of its infinite glory, could give you my e-mail address. Note: This is not a random giveaway for anyone else who wants a bike. Net: So be kind and true, U. We know End‘s identity anyway, so we can verify. Just let us know if you desire the Schwinn, and we can set you up — it’s part of our power.
To everyone who is writing in about Valentine’s Day, smoking and other burning topics, be patient: We’ll be trying our best to get those letters in, too. Space is limited, of course, but we do our best — occasionally even shutting our own mouths in the interest of printing your letters (it’s tough). We appreciate the mail. Keep it coming.