The Internet opens our business prospects

Young people should use social media sites for more than just chatting.

Tiffany Trawick

Like most college students, I’m very involved with multiple social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. Of course, these websites are a great way to keep in touch with my family and friends, but I’ve also fostered my own ambitions outside of the classroom and have found more uses for these same online tools. As young people, we should take advantage of the open resources online.

Observing my own circles, I found it common for college students to have a passionate and entrepreneurial mindset, but it sometimes seems as though our time and resources are limited. It’s clear why. Outside of being a full-time student, I run my own online magazine, and I am also a musician. While working two jobs and taking classes, it can be difficult to find time to go to the studio or set up a board meeting, but changing the way I’ve traditionally used social networking, I have been able to pursue both my music and my business while still maintaining my credit load.

I have seen many students use the Internet to build their own online stores, sell products, share their talents and even bring in revenue, all while still pursuing their studies. College student Gerald Edwards Jr., who went to high school in Minnesota, is the founder, CEO and designer of Never Stop On Dreams Clothing. He’s found success promoting his business online through a huge Instagram following, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. 

A recent survey shows 95 percent of college students use Facebook, 80 percent are on Twitter and 73 percent use Instagram. Social networking platforms have become one of the best resources for startups, especially for college students who live and breathe it. Social networking makes it easy to locate one’s target audience, create effective marketing strategies and tell stories on young people’s level.

While many students are on social networking sites, many do not use them to market themselves to the world. Utilizing these tools with an entrepreneurial attitude could lead to a job or even use your education in new and interesting ways.