Pretty sure this is Minnesota

I’m an avid reader of the Daily, but Page 5 of Wednesday’s paper has gotten under my skin. Why is the Daily publishing nearly an entire column to non-university sports? I understand that there are Wisconsin fans here and there might be a Penn State fan or two, but you don’t HAVE to cater to them. Your mission does state, âÄúto provide coverage of news and events affecting the University community.âÄù Um, donâÄôt our own university sports teams affect us more? Apparently not. It’s bad that you don’t mention the club rugby team’s successes. It’s worse that you cannot even find material for one of our twenty-three varsity teams. In addition, you have a self-promotion of the Daily below a blurb on the soccer team. They have been doing well, but you could’ve added a picture for them. It’s really not that hard. You don’t have to put a âÄúBreaking NewsâÄù ad in. You gain zero advertising dollars from it and your online sports blog is only updated every 3-4 days, anyway. As you don’t have any job openings for sports, I doubt you’re understaffed. If you are, I’m sure someone will help you out for internship credit. Or give me a call; I’m sure I can help out. Mike Linnemann University student-athlete