Easy college Halloween costumes

by Grace Kramer

For some, Halloween means months of preparation and excitement. For others, Halloween is an afterthought, something that sneaks up the week of the 31st.


For those that are laying in bed October 30 realizing they don’t have a costume for the following day’s festivities, don’t worry! Here are five easy costumes that any college student can manage.


Trash Bag

Cut two holes in a trash bag and you’re ready to go! Not necessarily the cutest look but it’s cost-effective and reusable in years to come.


Literally Anyone

Grab a nametag, write a name and own your new identity. This is your chance to reinvent yourself.



This costume is a little more involved as it does require you to pull the sheet off your bed. Throw it over your head and say “boo!” a few times during the night and you’re practically Casper the friendly ghost.



Find your favorite lampshade and put it on your head. Boom! You’re a lamp. Carry a flashlight to shine if you really want to look the part.


Your Favorite Color

Grab every item of clothing you own of the same color and put it on. If anyone asks what you are all you need to respond is “purple.”