Police find man

by Emily Dalnodar

Transit Police found a man dead Saturday in a bus shelter at University and 26th avenues southeast.
Responding to a call from a westbound Route 16 bus driver, Transit Police arrived to see the man lying in the shelter, which is in front of the construction site for University Village.
Upon arrival at 8:31 p.m., transit officers John Laivell and Tim Bawman discovered the man was not breathing and had no pulse.
The man has yet to be identified, said Mike Opitz, investigator for the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office. The man’s age is apparently between 37 and 44, he said. Although officials have not determined the cause of death at this time, more tests will take place this week.
Transit reports stated the man had no apparent injuries, said Bob Gibbons, director of customer service at Transit headquarters.
Officials from Transit Police, who handle all bus-related incidents and patrol bus shelters, called for an ambulance and began administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation after they saw the man’s condition, Gibbons said.
Minutes later, officers flagged down a University Police squad car. All University vehicles are equipped with oxygen, and two University police officers assisted in resuscitation efforts. Fire department officials, an ambulance and Minneapolis police also appeared at the scene.
The man lay on the ground with his arms sprawled out to the side as officers from various departments labored unsuccessfully to revive him.
At the scene, officers found a pair of eyeglasses, a baseball cap and what appeared to be a bottle of mouthwash with the cap askew.
Hennepin County Medical Center paramedics took the man to the trauma center where doctors pronounced him dead, said Kristi Roers, the charge nurse.
“It’s not too often you find individuals deceased in a shelter,” said Steve Mclaird, Transit Control Center supervisor.