Move your money

As we move into the routine of a new semester, I would like to strongly urge everyone in the University of Minnesota community to move their money out of large banks. Studies have shown that the banking habits developed during college will most likely remain with a person throughout his or her life. This is why it is important for students especially to leave large, for-profit banks that have destroyed the global economy.

As a generation, young people have spoken out against inequality and the tyrannical practices of certain large banks. Moving your money to a community credit union allows you to reinvest in your local economy.

Furthermore, as a member of your financial institution, you are given voting power, which allows you to make decisions for your bank. Credit unions allow members to have faith that they are not investing in enormous CEO salaries, election buying or unscrupulous business practices. Where you place your money is a vote for that institution. Move your money to a local credit union to take a direct action to support ethical banks.