Technology is not to blame

After reading Dan Obst’s opinion column, “Technology leads to isolation from others, the world,” (Oct. 7), I came to the realization of how much technology has affected us. But, in contrast to Obst’s view, I feel that it has led the human race to be less isolated and more in touch with one another.

Obst talks about soldiers during the Civil War writing beautifully composed letters with language such as “I yearn for you tragically.” But how does e-mail prevent someone from using that type of language? There is nothing different between e-mail and a traditional letter, except for the means of delivery.

I believe that technology has reduced isolation because of how easy it is to remain in touch. Talking over a cell phone doesn’t mean that you’re not talking to someone; you just have a piece of technology aiding you in your conversation over a great distance. In addition, how easy do you think it was a hundred years ago to lose track of all your friends if you went off to college? Today’s world is a very competitive one because of the sheer number of people there are to compete with. Competitive events are usually very fast-paced, so it is logical to say that today’s world is a very fast-paced world. In such a fast-paced world, there is little time to try to stay in touch with people over great distances, unless you have an intermediary that makes it easy. Technology is that intermediary that makes catching up with an old friend as easy as pushing a few buttons. Yes, it’s true that you’re not speaking face to face, but at least you have time to communicate.

Although I disagree with the majority of Obst’s opinion, he does make a very good point: All too often people ignore the beauty of life. They walk around mindlessly and cannot even appreciate the gracefulness of a squirrel burying a nut, or the beauty of a sunset. Instead, people all too often threaten life through actions of pure stupidity, such as drinking too much or smoking. Life is a wonderful thing that needs to be respected, but technology is not to blame for the disrespect. People have disrespected life since the dawn of time through acts of violence and jealousy.

Jonathan Edmonson, freshman, Insitute of Technology